Ossi Sport Club, Inc.

About Our Community

The Ossi Sport Club is a quiet 51 acre residential community set in the hilly landscape of rural Putnam County. Fifty-five member residents comprise the community that was founded in 1940 by a group of New York City brewery workers and others as a seasonal hunting and vacation retreat but which soon became a year round community. A picturesque 12 acre lake surrounded by commonly held Club lands is the centerpiece of the community. The lake, with its island, offers opportunities for swimming, boating, fishing/ice fishing, ice skating, and hockey. Bird watching around the lake also is a favorite past-time. The Club's grounds feature the Clubhouse, picnic tables, a children's play ground, informal ball field, and grassy areas where volleyball is played and other outdoor events are held. There are some pictures here.

The Clubhouse

Fronting onto the lake is the community's Clubhouse where private and community parties, pot-luck dinners, and get-togethers are held throughout the year. Click here for information on renting the Clubhouse.